The Deep Treasures of the Mediterranean Sea is a project funded by the EU, which aims to enhance the value of tourism and environmental resources in the interior areas of the Mediterranean, through the networking of small businesses that provide services to visitors and local products and high quality craftsmanship.

The main objectives of the project are the development of a system of "widespread hospitality", which combines residentiality (holiday homes, B&Bs, farmhouses, charming residences, etc.) and sustainable tourism (walking tours, cycling, tourist trains, tasting of typical products, etc.). In particular, we want to position the new tourist product on the international tourist markets, making it recognizable and easily usable.

This system of offer aims to enhance the typical features of the areas involved in the project, which are five: Valli Genovesi and Valli del Parco dell' Aveto (Liguria), Barbagia Mandrolisai with the Municipality of Sorgono (Sardinia), the Prunelli and Aitone valleys with the Municipalities of Evisa and Tolla (Corsica).

The challenge is to attract travelers to areas that are scarcely frequented and little known at the tourist level (against the overcrowding of the coast) by developing an attractive proposal for a specific type of tourists, the SLOW who, rather than just stays, are looking for experiences, stories to know and a closer link with the local culture.

The project was approved and financed with ERDF funds on the first call of the Interreg Italy-France Maritime Cooperation Programme. The project has a total budget of €1 271 051.96, of which €1 080 394.17 from the ERDF and €190 657.79 from the co-financing of the project partners. The period of implementation of the activities shall cover the years 2017 and 2018.

Deep Treasures of Mediterranean sea



Network of personal service companies for a good relation between thecity and countryside. Provides environmental quality services, healthy and sustainable life style, development of human and social relationships, solid and authentic



Touristic consortium for the promotion of the territory that implies a hundred of local actors working in sectors of reception, restoration, food-processing, and also associations, storekeeper and services besides local authorities and the Aveto Park.



The municipality of Tolla, helped by local associations of volunteers, organizes events and meetings of touristic interest, actively including artisans, local storekeepers to include the village in a touristic circuit and a national and international promotion.



The municipality of Evisa is member of the network “Ouest Corse” which manages the touristic promotion of the territory with the support of the “Agence du Tourisme de la Corse (ATC)” with an informative international campaign. For more than one century it has been a touristic mountain destination.



Cooperative, acting on the sector of the tourism, organizing cultural, itinerant events and thematic excursions. Monitors and manages the archeological sites of the Barbagia-Mandrolisai and proposes initiatives to promote the territory.



Marittimo - IT
Maritime - FR

The INTERREG Italy-France Maritime Programme 2014-2020 is a cross-border programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of European Territorial Cooperation (CTE).

The Programme aims to achieve the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy in the Central-Northern Mediterranean area by promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Programme takes into account the problems of marine, coastal and island areas, but also addresses internal ones, with specific risks of isolation.

The main objective is to help strengthen cross-border cooperation between the specific territories in order to make this area a competitive, sustainable and inclusive area in the European and Mediterranean landscape.

For the current programming phase, the INTERREG Italy-France Maritime Programme 2014-2020 has a financial envelope of 199.649.898,00 € of which 169.702.411,00 € of ERDF.

The key points of of the Programme are:

1. Growth and employment

Support for the cross-border nautical, sustainable and innovative tourism, blue and green biotechnology and blue and green renewable energy sectors, as a basis for the growth of competitiveness and employment in the cooperation area.

2. Safe environment

A joint effort to defend populations and the earth's and maritime natural heritage from the risks posed by climate change and human activities.

3. Heritage, common good

Joint action to improve the protection and sustainable enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage.

4. Reduced distances

Widespread development of land and maritime connections networks and sustainable transport modes to reduce the isolation of peripheral areas and improve environmental quality.