Situated at 850 metres above sea level, in the heart of the mountain, the village of Evisa is considered "the pearl of Corsica": immersed in the green, it is the gateway to the forest of Aïtone, one of the most beautiful forests in Corsica, with its larch pine trees.

Evisa is located in the centre of a strategic crossroads between the sea (20 km from Porto, UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the mountain (10 km from Vergio hill, gateway to the Niolu).

Its territory, crossed by a wide network of paths, allows you to take walks, hikes, plein nature and sports activities.

Highly biodiverse sites welcome visitors: the natural swimming pools of Aïtone, the chestnut tree trail and the Spelunca Gorges.

The village has given its name to Castagna Evisa, a delicious product that is tasted in many ways, such as marron glacés, flour, cream, cakes and other typical dishes.

Chestnuts also feed pigs in the area, which are reared outdoors freely. The result is exceptional quality cold cuts. Local honey and cheeses are a pleasant discovery.

There is no lack of charm and historical monuments, such as the Genoese Zaglia bridge or the church of San Martino.

In Evisa the holidays spend a complete and healthy relax.

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