The curious traveller who wants to know Sardinia in its most genuine aspects cannot miss a stop in Mandrolisai region.

This green heart in the centre of the island will enchant visitors with its wooded landscape dotted with rich vineyards from which the name of the renowned Mandrolisai DOC wine draws its name.

Sweet hills rich in vegetation await to be explored along the paths that, once beaten by shepherds in transhumance and woodcutters, today lead to the discovery of the ancient places of the Nuragic civilization of which you can still see impressive evidence: nuraghes, menhir, domus de Janas tell of an ancient and mysterious civilization still to be discovered and understood.

The places of the ancient nuragics are linked to the most recent history in a fascinating mixture of sacred and profane: archaeological sites, ancient monasteries, small country churches in a fascinating journey between past and present through a still uncontaminated nature.

Mandrolisai will fascinate you by its contrasts: the sweetness of its landscape and wine, the harshness of its isolation, the austerity of its most colourful customs and traditions.

The production of bread, wine, handcrafted weaving, the processing of cork, honey and nougat still keep alive the ancient traditions that are revived in the village festivals that animate the towns of Mandrolisai during the year and especially in autumn.


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